Continuous training

My work is a nonstop training. Each days, i’m in front of evolving’s technology that makes me evolve aswell. Fortinet’s Firewalls ; Windows servers ; Exchange Servers ; Allied Telesis, Cisco and HP switches ; Office suites including 365 ; OS and software’s Deployment etc…

Cisco Meraki Networkig Associate

A complete day to work with Meraki Firewalls, Switches, Access Points, Cameras, Phones. Configuring Main and Branch offices


HP StoreVirtual VSA

Half a day of technical formation on HPE VSA and an installation of VSA on based on two nodes


During 8 months, I have followed the training Microsoft Network Manager oriented virtualization, given by Technocité. Professionnal training’s center which works in collaboration with CEFORA.
I learned Windows 2008 technology including AD, Exchange, System
Center’s suite and others network’s based softwares and hardware.

English lessons at the SHAPE’s language center, 2 times a week for a quarter long. After this I continued to learn english working inside the NATO’s Base during 2 years.

Formation to become computers and networks technician at FOCLAM for 3 years of night school.