Network administrator

A clean network cabinet is as much needed as well as thought out files share.
A fast, fluid network is the foundation of your user's experience but it also makes it easier to maintain.
Maintaining the integrity of your data requires both user awareness and constantly evolving technologies.

Network Engineer

First of all, there is not a single role for a system engineer. There is a lot of interdisciplinary knowledge to have. The goal here is to have a global vision of the entire network infrastructure in order to build a coherent, scalable and functional network.

Application field

Managing and monitoring hardware like servers, switches, firewalls, routers, computers, cameras, digital displays, wireless technology, copper and optical wiring…

Also installing and configuring software, users and computers management, VLANs, mails (on-premise, cloud or hybrid), virtual infrastructures,..

All those examples are part of the knowledge that a Network & system engineer must acquire. Due to his global vision, he will be able to improve the network’s operation and safety.


A good network & system engineer needs a lot of technical knowledge as much as he needs social skills to understand the needs and fulfill his job.

That is why this job is so rewarding and complete.